Summary: Candidates should be skilled in the practice of landscape architecture, urban design and the design of custom site furnishings. In addition to providing conceptual design vision for projects, the Design Associate will be responsible for preparing an overview of final project design drawings and specifications. The candidate will be responsible for collaborating with a project team to develop schematic designs and construction details, help in cost estimation of project, and work with outside consultants and contractors, as needed. Knowledge of LEED and/or sustainable development practices, construction documentation and construction administration of landscape architecture projects necessary. The Design Associate will perform a variety of tasks and will work under general supervision from a licensed partner.

Job Duties: Participate and develop innovative designs for landscape and urban design projects. Prepare design and fabrication documentation of custom site furnishings. Analyze data on conditions such as site location, drainage or structure location for environmental reports and to improve energy efficiency and conserve water. Define client requirements and establishes project approach. Facilitates and collaborate in information gathering for vision, programming and planning. Manages client/firm relationship, sub-consultant relationships, and construction contract supervision. Responsible for overseeing and managing Senior and Junior landscape designers.

Works closely with partners and designers in establishing the design goals for the project and the project schedule. Direct and review the work of project team members, providing performance feedback and ensure that team members' skills and project requirements are appropriately matched. Provide self-directed research and problem-solving for projects. Monitor project budget, schedule, and scope of work; negotiates fee changes as necessary. Review client billing and be responsible for A/R follow-up as necessary. Assists in marketing efforts to secure additional projects with existing clients and to expand current client base. Participates in preparation of proposals and may assist in presentation to the client and in contract negotiation.

Ability to work in CAD, REVIT, 3D modeling / project visualization proficiency, Rhino, Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.



Must possess master’s degree in Architecture or related field.



Send resume and cover letter to jobsite:

Surface Design, Inc.

Attn: Hannah Brown

Pier 33 North, Suite 200

San Francisco, CA 94111